FWB Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber Distribution Box

12~72 Cores Wall-Mounted Type

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Fiber Distribution Box

12~72 Cores Wall-Mounted Type



FWB series Fiber Distribution Box Wall-Mounted Type, also called ODF wall-mounted distribution cabinet, is available for small capacity communication systems, wall mounting, reasonable and compact structure, harmonized with the telecommunication control room. The case body comprises cold rolled steel sheet, electrostatic spraying, and wall mounting. It also includes a secure door lock.

It is composed of two parts, One link with optical cables for fusion connection between optical cables and fiber optic pigtails; another link for optical cable entry.

The box can install with 1×12 tray for SC simplex, each tray has 12 splices, or installed with 1x 24 tray for LC duplex, each tray has 24 splices.



  • Available for the small capacity communication system and wall mounting.
  • The cabinet is composed of two parts: one links with optical cables for fusion connection between optical cable and fiber pigtail, and another link with patch cord.
  • Provide fusion and storage appliance for optical cables
  • Whole range protected design for fiber lay to ensure the bending radius=40mm



  • Local Area Network
  • CATV Network
  • FTTx System
  • Wide Area Network
  • Test Instruments


Order Information

Model No. Dimension (mm) Max Capacity (Cores) Remark
FWB-A-24 455*405*80 24 The case body is made from cold rolled steel plate, and the surface use the technique of electrostatic spraying, available for the installation of FC, SC, ST, LC adapters.
FWB-A-48 455*405*120 48
FWB-A-72 455*405*150 72
FWB-A-24A 350*350*80 24
FWB-B-48 455*405*120 48
FWB-B-72 455*405*150 72
FWB-C-12 350*300*80 12
FWB-D-24 350*300*80 24



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