ODF-E-96 Optical Distribution Frame

Optical Distribution Frame

6U optical distribution frame 96 Cores

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96 Cores Optical Distribution Frame



Fiber Management Tray also called ODF Distribution Box, Integrated Splicing and Distribution ODF. It is mainly used for cable inlet, grounding and fixing and the splicing between the terminal end and pigtail. Users can select unit or ring flange amount according to their practical needs.

Welding &distribution module in integration: Plastic structure, easy for installation of inlay, convenient to expand capacity, obliquity of adapter is 30°, which ensure the bend radius of patch cord and avoid laser burning eyes. Kinds of splicing and distribution mark,easy to make fusion and distribution record.



  • 19″standard mounting design with static electric plastic sprayed, nice appearance;
  • Can be used for ribbon & bunch fiber cables;
  • The trays will accept all types of adapters FC/SC/ST/LC(LC only can be duplex);
  • Pre-installed trays with pigtails and adapters are available;
  • Hinged and removable metal cover door;
  • Cable fixation and grounding function;
  • It is flexible for installation and convenient for operation and maintenance.



  • Widely used in FTTH access network.
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • CATV Networks
  • Data communications Networks
  • Local Area Networks


Technical Specifications

Item Specifications
Atmosphere pressure 70 Kpa~106Kpa
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB
Return loss PC≥40 dB UPC≥50dB APC≥60dB
Insulating resistance between the box and the earthing device 1000MΩ/500VDC
Voltage-resistance between the box and the earthing device Under the effect of 3kv/DC/1min, non-puncture, and no arc-over.
Working temperature -5°C – +40°C
Environmental temperature -25°C – +55°C
Relative humidity ≤85% (when the temperature is below 30°C)


Order Information

Type Dimension


Inner carton dimension (mm) Inner carton weight


Outer carton dimension (mm) Outer carton weight


No of units per carton


ODF-E-96 480×260×228(6U) 470*335*290 12.2 500*350*460 26.4 2



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