ATB3102 Access Terminal Box

Access Terminal Box

1/2/4 core, SC/LC(Duplex) Connector

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FTTH Access Terminal Box



ATB3102 is an indoor terminal box applied in the FTTX network to connect the drop cable and ONU devices through fiber port. ATB3102 covers the capacity of 1core, 2cores and 4 cores and supports splicing, mechanical connection and FMC, wall mounted installation.



  • Excellent ergonomics design, graceful appearance and convenience operation
  • Plug fiber without having to open the shell, easily accessible fiber operation
  • Vertically downward port to avoid causing personal injury
  • White color, graceful style and good adaptability to environment.
  • Fiber cable inlets in every direction, supports the cable inlets for different scenarios.
  • Friendly operation interface, high reliability
  • Introductions clear, effectively prevent the miss-operation.
  • Low construction cost



  • Widely used in FTTH access networks
  • Telecommunication Network
  • CATV Networks
  • Data Communication Networks


Technical Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Size (H×W×D) mm 80×120×21
Color White
Material ABS+PC
Capacity (cores) 1, 2, 4
Connect Models Splicing, Mechanical Connector, FMC
Installation Models Wall Mounted
Pigtail G.657 Ф0.9mm, 0.5m Or customer request
Drop cable (Flat) Indoor Flat Drop cable 2mm×3mm
drop cable (Round) Φ5mm~Φ10mm
Curvature Radius (mm) ≥15
Working Temp. -25℃~+60℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~+70℃
Humidity 93%(+30℃)
Air Pressure 70KPa~106KPa
Size (H×W×D) mm 80×120×21
Standards ITU-T L.51; JB-T8593-1997 EN 60950-1; UL94; IEC 60529


Order Information

Model Adaptor Pigtail Capacity (Core)
ATB3102-1 1/2
ATB3102-1/SC/U/S 1x SC/UPC SX 1x SC/UPC SX 0.9mm 1
ATB3102-1/SC/A/S 1x SC/APC SX 1x SC/APC SX 0.9mm 1
ATB3102-1/LC/U/D 1x LC/UPC DX 2x LC/UPC SX 0.9mm 2
ATB3102-1/LC/A/D 1x LC/APC DX 2x LC/APC SX 0.9mm 2
ATB3102-2 2/4
ATB3102-2/SC/U/S 2x SC/UPC SX 2x SC/UPC SX 0.9mm 2
ATB3102- 2/SC/A/S 2x SC/APC SX 2x SC/APC SX 0.9mm 2
ATB3102-2/LC/U/D 2x LC/UPC DX 4x LC/UPC SX 0.9mm 4
ATB3102-2/LC/A/D 2x LC/UPC DX 4x LC/APC SX 0.9mm 4




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