FOC-IL04 Fiber Closure In-Line Type

Fiber Optic Closure

In-Line closure, Rubber strip sealing, 2 in 2 out

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Fiber Optic Closure

In-Line closure, Rubber strip sealing, 2 in 2 out



This in-line fiber closure is suitable for cables applied in the straight line or branch line (one into two, one into three) connection of optical cables (≤φ22mm, single fiber or ribbon fibers), which can be laid overhead in the pipeline, underground or in the well. It is also applied to the connection of all-plastic phone cables.



  • All property indexes are in accordance with the National YD/T814-2001 Standard.
  • The case body is made from imported high-intensity engineering plastics(ABS) and forms the shape with mold under high pressure. It is in a square shape, with the advantages of less weight, high mechanical intensity, corrosive resistance, anti-thunderstruck, and long service life.
  • The case body and cable entrance are sealed with adhesive rubber strips with reliable sealing capability. It can be re-opened and is easy to maintain.
  • Supplied with ports and corresponding plugs so that the users can choose them according to the actual use of optical cables.
  • Independent insulation grounding devices make the cable grounding flexible, convenient, and safe.
  • Outer metal components and fixing units are made from stainless steel so that it can be repeatedly used in different environments.


Technical Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Size (H×W×D) 355*180*65mm
Weight 1kg
Optical fiber winding radius ≥40mm
Extra loss of fiber tray ≤0.01dB
Fiber length left in tray ≥1.6m
Cable diameter Φ7~Φ22mm
Splice tray capacity 12 (single core)
Maximal splice tray No. 4
Capacity (core) 48 (single cores)
Lateral pressure-resistance ≥2000N / 10cm
Shock-resistance ≥20N.m
Working Temp. -25˚C~+60˚C
Storage Temp. -40˚C~+70˚C
Humidity 93%(+30˚C)




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