IMS5300-8T2S4X L3,10G

Industrial Managed 10G Switch

L3 managed, 8*10/100/1000Base-T + 2*1GBase-X + 4*10G/1G Base-X

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Industrial Managed Switch 10G

L3 managed, 8*10/100/1000Base-T + 2*1GBase-X + 4*10G/1G Base-X



IMS5300 Industrial L3 Managed Switch adopts the store-forward architecture, fan-less, and energy-saving design, providing 8/16/24-port 10/100/1000M RJ45 port and 4x 10G SFP+ Uplink port. Full-series design with protection against lightning, anti-static, and operate in -40°C~85°C for harsh environments; such as industrial automation, public security, power system, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), shipping, mining, and water conservancy fields.



  • Support static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, VRRP, BGP dynamic routing and policy routing
  • Support STP/RSTP/MSTP, ERPS Fast ring protocol
  • Supports flow control, loop protection, link aggregation, storm suppression, mirroring, and DDM
  • Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN, QinQ VLAN, protocol VLAN, Voice VLAN, Private VLAN, GVRP
  • Supports SP, WRR, SP+WRR scheduling, ensure priority flow forwarding
  • Support IGMP Snooping, MLD Snooping, suit for HD Video surveillance and video conference
  • Support Web, CLI, SNMP(V1/V2/V3), Telnet management
  • Support HTTPS、SSH encryption, making management more secure
  • Supports RMON, system logs, and traffic statistics to facilitate network optimization
  • Supports LLDP, making network maintenance simple
  • Support DHCP Snooping, Qos, ACL
  • Supports 802.1X authentication and MAC address filtering, ensures the legitimacy of access users
  • Supports CPU monitoring, Ping detection, Traceroute detection
  • Support PoE Management
  • Providing 8/16/24-port gigabit access and 4x 10G uplink products
  • Adopt Industrial Level-4 design, support EFT/ESD/Surge projection
  • Working Temperature -40~85°C
  • 12~58Vdc or 100~240Vac dual input
  • Complete LED indicators to identify the working status quickly
  • IP40 anti-oxidation aluminum alloy, weight lighter and head release rapidly


Technical Specifications

Model 14-port Din Rail 28-port Rack-mounted
Standards IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.2an, IEEE802.3ae

IEEE802.3z, IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.1Q VLAN, IEEE802.1d, IEEE802.1w, IEEE802.1s

Forwarding mode Store and Forward
Switch Capacity 128Gbps/non-blocking
Packet forwarding Rate Refer to the datasheet product list
MAC Address 16k
Buffer 12M
Jumbo Frame 10k
Copper port 10/100/1000M RJ45

Cat5/cat6 100M

1G Fiber Port 1000/100M SFP Slot

OM1/OM2 550m, OS1/OS2 up to 120km

10G Fiber Port 10G SFP+ Slot

OM3 300m, OS1/OS2 up to 120km

Console RS232 ( RJ45 )
Standard IEEE802.3af/at
Pin Assignment 1/2+, 3/6-
PoE Budget ≤30W
Electrical characteristics
Power Input 12~58Vdc, 44~58Vdc(PoE) 100~240Vac 50/60Hz dual input
Power Consumption Refer to spec
Power connector Terminal block
Reverse polarity support /
Physical characteristics
Housing Metal, IP40 protection
Installation DIN rail, Wall-mounted (Optional) Rack-mounted
Heat Release Natural
Size 170x120x60mm 440x270x43.6mm
Working Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Storage temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Relative Humidity 5%-95% (no condensation)
Safety EN62368
EMC EN55032 Class A, FCC part 15 Subpart B Class A

EN 61000-3-2  Class A
EN 61000-3-3  Class A
EN 61000-4-2 Level 4 Contact: 8kV ,Air: +15kV
EN 61000-4-3 Level 4
EN 61000-4-4 Level 4 Power: ±4kV; Signal: ±2kV

EN61000-4-5 Power: 6kV, Copper: Comm 4kV, diff. 2kV

EN 61000-4-6 Level 3
EN 61000-4-8 Level 4 30A/m
EN 61000-4-11 Voltage dip/interruption

RoHS RoHS 2.0
Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Free fall IEC 60068-2-32
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6


Order Information

Model No. Description
IMS5300-8T4X L3, 8x 10/100/1000M RJ45, 4x 10G SFP+
IMS5300-8P4X L3, 8x 10/100/1000M PoE, 4x 10G SFP+
IMS5300-8B4X L3, 8x 10/100/1000M PoE(bt), 4x 10G SFP+
IMS5300-8T2S4X L3, 8x 10/100/1000M RJ45, 2x 1G SFP, 4x 10G SFP+
IMS5300-8P2S4X L3, 8x 10/100/1000M PoE, 2x 1G SFP, 4x 10G SFP+
IMS5300-8B2S4X L3, 8x 10/100/1000M PoE(bt), 2x1G SFP, 4x 10G SFP+
IMS5300-24T4X-2A L3, 24x 10/100/1000M RJ45, 4x 10G SFP+, Dual AC input
IMS5300-16T8C4X-2A L3, 16x 10/100/1000M RJ45, 8x 1G Combo, 4x 10G SFP+, Dual AC input
IMS5300-16S8C4X-2A L3, 16x 1G SFP, 8x 1G combo, 4x 10G SFP+, Dual AC input
IMS5300-16P8C4X-AC L3, 16x 10/100/1000M PoE, 8x 1G Combo, 4x 10G SFP+, AC input


Related Products

SFP modules

Model No. Description
SFP-M1285L-05I SFP 1.25G MM 850nm LC 550m DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-S1213L-20I SFP 1.25G SM 1310nm LC 20km DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-B1235L-20I SFP 1.25G SM TX1310/RX1550nm LC 20km DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-B1253L-20I SFP 1.25G SM TX1550/RX1310nm LC 20km DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-M1085L-03I SFP+ 10G MM 850nm LC 300m DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-S1013L-20I SFP+ 10G SM 1310nm LC 20km DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-B1023L-20I SFP+ 10G SM TX1270/RX1330nm LC 20km DDM, Industrial Grade
SFP-B1032L-20I SFP+ 10G SM TX1330/RX1270nm LC 20km DDM, Industrial Grade
Notes: 40/60/80km available


DIN rail Power Supply

Model No. Description
HDR-15-24 DIN rail 15W, 85~264Vac input, 24Vdc 0.63A output
HDR-30-24 DIN rail 36W, 85~264Vac input, 24Vdc 1.5A output
HDR-60-24 DIN rail 60W, 85~264Vac input, 24Vdc 2.5A output
NDR-75-48 DIN rail 75W, 90~264Vac input, 48Vdc 1.6A output
NDR-120-48 DIN rail 120W, 90~264Vac input, 48Vdc 2.5A output
NDR-240-48 DIN rail 240W, 90~264Vac input, 48Vdc 5A output
NDR-480-48 DIN rail 480W, 90~264Vac input, 48Vdc 10A output



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