YZ Rugged Fiber Connector

Outdoor Fiber Optic Patch Cord

YZ ruggedized fiber Connector

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Outdoor Fiber Optical Patch Cord

YZ ruggedized fiber Connector



The YZ series outdoor rugged fiber optic connector is a kind of multi-core, neutral, bayonet locking circular fiber optic connector by GJB1919 standards, including two kinds of movable connector and car wall connector.

The YZ ruggedized fiber optic connector shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy or polymer composite material, which has excellent performance of vibration resistance, pressure resistance, waterproof, salt fog proof, and dust proof. Product specifications are 2 pins, 4 pins, 6 pins, 8 pins, 12 pins.



  • Comply with GJB 1919 standard
  • Adopts neutral bayonet-type locking, which can achieve quick connection and separation
  • Through-the-wall sealed connection structure can be connected to 2, 4, 6, and 8 optical fibers at a time
  • Neutral structure design regardless of male and female, plugs and sockets can be arbitrarily interconnected
  • Outer shell can choose two kinds of aluminum alloy material or polymer composite material
  • Adopts ceramic ferrule and ceramic sleeves to achieve precision optical fiber docking.



  • Vehicle-based communications
  • Temporary field connections for emergency fiber optic communications
  • Airborne or shipboard systems and equipment


Technical Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Insertion Loss SM: ≤0.6dB   MM: ≤0.5dB
Return Loss SM: ≥50dB
Insulation Resistance 500VDC ≥5000MΩ(normal environment)
Mechanical Behavior Plug pull≧500N

Socket pull≧30N

Mechanical life 1000 times
Protection level IP68
Operating temperature -45℃ ~ 85℃


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