SFP Module Question and Answer

We have summarized common questions and answers about SFP modules as below:

For the 1.25G 20KM SFP, can they be used in short distances? 
Yes, it can. But if the distance is less than 5KM, we suggest adding the 5DB fix type attenuator. 

Is that SM SFP that can be used at MM cable? 
Dual-fiber single-mode SFP can be used in multi-mode optical cables (transmission distance within 2 kilometers), But the single fiber WDM single-mode SFP is not recommended to be used in multi-mode cable. 

What SFP code can be used on AOA Tech Switch? 
Commonly we suggest using the standard code on the AOA Tech switch. But if the SFP is in Cisco code, that is no problem too.  

Is there one SFP code that can work at 3 brands switch Huawei + Fiberhome + Cisco? 
Yes, you can use the Cisco code SFP; Non-Huawei certified alarms will appear on Huawei switches, but it will not affect the use.

Is there multi-rate SFP? For example 2.5G SFP with the ability to support all ranges and bitrates lower than 2.5G such as stm1 or stm4. 
Yes, 2.5G SFP can work from 155M to 2.5G. 

If you have any questions about the Optical SFP Module, welcome to contact me.

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