FTB-04 Fiber Terminal Box

Fiber Terminal Box

4 Port FTTH panel

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Fiber Terminal Box

4 Port FTTH panel



FTB-04 is an indoor terminal box called FTTX faceplate or FTTH terminal box, applied in the FTTX network to connect the drop cable and ONU devices through the fiber port. FTB-04 covers the capacity of 4 cores and supports splicing, mechanical connection and FMC, wall mounted installation.



  • Small size, light weight, pleasing in appearance
  • Wall mounted with mechanical protection function
  • Max fiber capacity 4 fibers,4 adapter output
  • Available for FC, SC, ST, LC adapters
  • Hinge and convenient press-pull button lock design



  • Widely used in FTTH access network.
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • CATV Networks
  • Data communications Networks
  • Local Area Networks


Order Information

Model Dimension Cable Diameter(mm) Max capacity Material
FTB-04 150*110*30 mm Ф5~Ф10 4 cores Plastic



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