FTB-208 Fiber Terminal Box

Fiber Terminal Box

2 IN 8 OUT, 8 cores, Metallic

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Fiber Terminal Box

2 IN 8 OUT, 8 cores, Metallic



FTB-208 series fiber terminal box is used as a termination point for the drop cable to connect with the patch cable in FTTH indoor application. It integrates fiber splicing, termination, storage, and cable connection in one solid protection box.

It is designed for Indoor use, suitable for optical cable direct or branch connection; applicable to fiber wiring and terminating in various kinds of optical fiber systems; convenient to install on the wall; removable adapter panel suits for FC/SC/ST/2LC.



  • All property indexes are in accordance with the National YD/T925—1997 Standard.
  • The body makes use of cold rolling steel sheet, and the surface uses the technique of dim blowing plastic. Strong adhesive force, artistic and durable.
  • The distinctive design of 1-2 cable entrances and fiber exits of 1-48 cores assures flexibility.
  • The cable entrance and fiber exit are sealed with oil resistance NBR to increase flexibility. Users can choose to prick the entrance and exit.
  • Overlapping fiber-melting tray and separate insulation earth unit make the disposition of the cores, expanding the capacity and cable-earthen flexible, convenient, and safe.



  • Widely used in FTTH access network.
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • CATV Networks
  • Data communications Networks
  • Local Area Networks


Technical Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Optical fiber winding radius ≥40mm
Fiber length left in tray ≥1.6m
Fiber diameter 250um&900um
Fiber type SM&MM
Operating temperature -40 ~ +60 C
Connecting Adapter SC & LC
Color Black
Material Metallic
Weight 1.05KG


Order Information

Model Dimension Max.Capacity Note
FTB-208 260*140*40mm 8 Wall



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